From feeling more confident about yourself to loving the way you are, knowing what’s right for you can help you do more.

The choice of your clothes, the makeup, the shoes and even your bag are a part of your style statement. Your style is a reflection of your personality so you can choose either to be smart and classy or you can opt for the easy clumsy way.

Your Arlette Leather Waist Bag is one of the things that you would love to take with you. It is everything you want it to be- relaxed, comfortable, classy, formal, hot and happening. It is all about how you wear it and what you pair it with.

Unique Ways to Carry Your Arlette Leather Waist Bag

Here are some of the unique ways you could make a style statement with your Arlette leather waist bag.

Genuine leather waist bag crossbiody festival bag1. Cross Body

Go for that comfortable look that says, ‘I am prepared for today. Bring it on!’ Sling your Arlette Leather Waist Bag across your body and let the strap do the talking.You would love the look of the cross body. It’s one of the best bags to carry around with you if you want to carry basic essentials such as your phone, credit card, make-up and some cash.Add in just the right amount of style and casualness while sizzling up your ‘hotness’ quotient. Wear this style with a smile and some confidence, and you are good to go.




Going for a walk? Or on a trek? Need something to keep your shades, phone, and basic essentials?

Well, your Arlette Leather Waist Bag is what you need.

With an adjustable in length, it can be customized according to the size of your waist. This look adds an air of casualness and comfort to your aura. The Leather Waist Bag can also be adorned with a belt. Its leather belt sits well with a pair of boots or on a dress.

The bag will come in handy, for women who need free hands and can, of course, afford to do without a handbag when traveling or walking a festival.


It’s easy to carry and it looks great.

You can use this style to pair the sling bag with anything, anytime. You can sling it over one of your shoulders and let it hang, or you can sling it over to your back.

Pair your sling bag with matching boots, and we are geared up for winters. You can carry the sling bag wherever you wish to, just be careful not to lose it.

Arlette Leather Waist Bag is a solution to all your carrying needs. Instead of buying various other bags for the different occasions, you can just buy one bag that is cost effective, stylish and serves all your purposes.

The Leather Bag has a distinct class, and when you wear it purposefully, it will come out more elegantly. After all, style is all about wearing your piece of clothing or accessory with pride and confidence.

So ladies, liberate yourself from the boundaries of specified genre bags. Take your Arlette Leather Waist Bags out for a walk and wear them as you want to.

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