The Elegant Jolyn Studded Leather Bucket Crossbody Bag: For The New You

Finally, a Small Studded Bucket Crossbody Bag That Isn’t Too Boring…

The new Jolyn Studded Leather Bucket Crossbody Bag is a shout out to all those trendy women out there who want to break free from the monotony of clean lines and crisp shapes of their handbags.

While we certainly do have a habit of creating a collection of classy, conformist designs, our designers seem to have outdone themselves with this studded bad boy.

You would love the affordable and genuine leather bag that goes way beyond the neutral browns and beiges of everyday handbags.

About the Looks

The Jolyn Studded Leather Bucket Crossbody Bag is anything but ordinary and inconspicuous. While the leather body of the bag has been made with pebbled leather and is pliable and sinuous enough to withstand the sturdy drawstring design of the bag, the drawstring itself is neatly lined with leather tassels. It’s another chic detail that adds to the overall look of the bag.

“We wanted to create a crossbody bag that women could take with them just about anywhere. It needs to be affordable, stylish and trendy – this new Jolyn Studded leather bucket crossbody bag aims to be all that”, said Wande Adedeji, Director of Operations, Vicenzo Leather.

How Easy Is It to Carry?

Don’t worry – you can take this to your office anytime. The dimensions of the bag are 7 x 7x 7 inches and havs two spacious pockets on the inside, which helps you stay organized at all times.

However, that’s not the thing you would love the most about it.

The Jolyn Studded Leather Bucket Crossbody Bag has an elegant smattering of silver studs on the upper side of the bag, which when coupled with the drawstring drawn in, looks amazing.

The silver studs are well spaced and symmetrically placed, giving the bag a well thought out scheme, rather than an ambiguous tone.

You get an ‘assertive’ bag, sure to increase your confidence and turn heads around.

And all this without compromising on your comfort levels.  The cross body strap that comes with this bag is adjustable and removable, and you have a variety of colors to choose from.

Buy The Handbag you Need Today!

Explore our wide range of cross body symmetrical bags, clutches, totes and bucket bags.

All Vicenzo products are made with genuine Italian leather and the grain of the fabric varies as per the design of the bag. However, what really puts our products apart is the obtainable luxury price range.

For one, you can get hold of the Jolyn Studded Leather Bucket Crossbody Bag itself for just $159.95 only.

With truly timeless designs, you can carry it around for a long time – before buying another of our new collections, of course.

You would love our space solutions, with our handbags especially for professional women who need to brave through long commutes having only a definite number of things to lug around every day.

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