If you are looking for a stylish bag to accentuate your cool and smart looks, search no further! The Vicenzo Leather Oakley Western Waist bag is designed to fulfill all your needs. In keeping with our traditional trademark quality, this waist bag is classy and is guaranteed to be in perfect western outfit for a … Continue Reading

Who’s excited about the spring season? A few weeks from now and we will experience one of the best seasons to go out in style! They always say that spring has sprung and before the spring season begins, I would like to provide a recommendation on how you can embrace it in style. Have you … Continue Reading

February is considered to be the love month and the perfect time to gift yourself a little something. One of the many things a woman will love is a new bag. If you’re looking for a two in one bag, then the Bella Saddle Distressed Leather bag is just perfect for your needs and preference. … Continue Reading

There are different factors to consider in choosing the type of bags that we are going to carry wherever we go. It will depend on your needs, lifestyle and personal preferences. We always want to have the best and the first thing that we look for a certain thing is quality, price, and design or … Continue Reading

What is fashion? We at Vicenzo Leather see it as a unique style that reflects your taste, class, and of course your updated sense of the trend. So to us, it is the deciding point between whether “you turn your head to see others” or “make others turn their heads to see you”! I hope … Continue Reading

Today, we are so excited to introduce the latest addition to our collection – the Maddison Leather Shoulder Handbag. There is quite a lot to say about it, so let’s get started… As spring approaches, the Maddison Handbag is a perfect fit for your wardrobe. It is available in brown and black. We love earthy … Continue Reading

How Do You Take Care Of Your Leather Bags And Shoes? Most of the things that you wear from jackets to shoes and handbags to wallets are often made from leather. While the cost of these masterpiece leather articles might burn a hole in your pocket, the way it pays back in terms of its … Continue Reading

You may not want to step out of the house without your handbag. The handbags tags, wherever you go. However, did you know how many micro-organisms your dear handbag has been harboring? Studies show that 90% of our handbags are grossly contaminated with microbes. Leather handbags, especially, serve as a great medium for growth and … Continue Reading

Spring is just a few weeks away and if you want to keep looking trendy, appropriate and comfortable, now is the right time to search for something to wear or carry for this year’s spring season. Leather handbags and fashion pieces will definitely never go out of style. In fact, leathers are considered timeless and … Continue Reading

Leather is one of the most favorite fashion pieces by men and women. Do you know how to spot the difference between a fake leather and real leather? We often just think that we can compare it with its price because a real leather is quite expensive while a fake leather is cheaper. That is … Continue Reading