Vicenzo Leather has lived up to expectations again with a newest crossbody handbag for women. Its genuine leather and it is Italian! With an option of red and brown available, this new handbag is from the Zinnia collection, as presented by Vicenzo Leather.

The most pertinent highlight of this product is perhaps its unique size, which is small and manageable, but is, at the same time spacious enough to accommodate the essentials you need to carry around all the time. The entire scheme of this product is centered on making your everyday bag the best and the most dependable buddy to have around all day.


Affordable Price

We will start with the numbers first. We call this crossbody handbag from Vicenzo Leather so appealing because it promises quality solutions for everyday use. Its dimensions are nothing less than standard and come at an affordable price. The Zinnia Leather Crossbody Handbag, available in two colors , can be purchased at just $ 110, and can last long.


Easy to Get Organised With

The Zinnia Leather Crossbody Handbag is a perfect cohort for the everyday commute. It is designed with a top zipper closure, to make sure everything remains in one place. Moreover, this leather crossbody handbag has been with two pouch style pockets on the inside, so that you can stay organised and can judiciously divide and place your belongings in such a way as to de-clutter the handbag space.


To help you fit in more to your handbag, the Zinnia Leather Crossbody comes with the mandatory interior pocket with a zipper, along with the four external pockets, also secured with zippers. It is really unnecessary for us to elaborate further that this genuine Italian leather handbag is a perfect answer to storage solutions, which by no means, compromises the ideal compact design, the durability and the fashionable look of the product.


Adjust It To Your Liking Plus Happy Metal Feet

While we have amply discussed the storage solutions of this leather crossbody handbag, we also want to talk about the adjustable leather strap and the sturdy metal feet of this bag. The strap of this bag is every bit as genuine Italian leather as the bag itself and moreover, its adjustable harness and snap is also sturdy and durable.


The metal feet of this handbag ensure that the base of the bag is protected properly against the constant hustle of commuting, office use, or simple brushes with other things which would, in the absence of the metal feet, hugely damage the bag. The sturdy base of the bag goes a long way to make the bag secure and dependable and also ensures that with the everyday use, the shape of the bag does not get distorted.



With available colours of brown and red, the gold hardware of the Zinnia Leather Crossbody Handbag are pleasing to the eyes and provide a very urbane and polished look to the handbag. So if this bag is something you use to lug around things halfway across the city, the bag is trendy, sturdy, in good shape and can readily withstand rough use.


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