Working women, Professional Women, and Boss Ladies always prefer a bag which can fit in all the things that they need throughout the day for their work. There are different bags that you can choose to carry at work but, having a stylish, functional and yet durable bag is an essential. Do not just settle for anything less than durability, design, and quality. I personally prefer to have a bag which fits all my things but still looks chic and classy that is why I chose to have the Lea Marie Leather Professional Laptop Bag. The size is perfect if you carry a lot of things every day and the color can also match any outfit that you wear.

Wondering what you can fit inside this leather bag?

Well, here are a few things that you will find inside my work bag.

I am a working woman and few of the things that you can see inside my bag are my gadgets needed for doing business. These are the things in my tech category.


Since that I use the Lea Maria bag for work, the most important accessory you will find inside my bag is my 14-inch laptop. I can’t go to work without it because I do some work at home and all the data was being stored in it. The Lea Maria bag is very functional in this regard in that it has a laptop sleeve to provide a cushion – for protection from falls and shocks. In addition, the laptop sleeve helps keep things organized and sane inside the bag.


I also need to carry my iPad because it is easier to use during work presentation. I usually take notes and begin creating my drafts with it. I can’t go to work without my iPad especially when we have some work meetings that need further visual explanations. I keep the iPad in the front flip over pocket for easy access at when traveling, at a meeting, etc.



Well, I basically can’t leave the house without my iPhone so I always make sure that it is inside my Lea Marie work bag.  My phone is probably more important than my laptop bag. It is essential for personal and business emails, messages, calls, entertainment, and a lot more. I also use it for all my social media engagements, taking that “instagrammable” coffee photo before I start my day at work.

Files and Notebook.

Files are always inside my bag and good thing is, I can still carry it wherever I go without getting it crumpled. The Lea Marie work bag is a perfect companion if you are always carrying files. I am always in the mood of writing some ideas so I also have notebook and pen in my bag. I keep my files and notebook in the zippered back pocket for safety and easy access.


This is the last but not the least for my tech category because everyone should never leave their homes without their keys.

I also love fashion and whenever I am in need to feel comfortable yet keep myself looking appropriate for an after-work event or party I have something ready for that in my bag too!



Leather Flat Shoes.

I always wanted to walk with comfort after a tiring day of working in heels so a pair of leather flat shoes is an essential for me. I choose to carry my tan Abella Block Pointed Toe Leather flats in my bag. It looks stylish, elegant and also perfect to wear at work especially if you’re not into high heels. You can check out our other variety of flats at


Sometimes I feel tired of doing my makeup before I leave home for work and to cover my puffy eyes while on my way to work, I make sure to bring my sunglasses. It is also an essential if you work outside and check something for the office.


Paola Distressed Leather Womens Coin Purse - Black

One of the basic things that you should never forget at home is your wallet. I always bring my brown Paola Distressed Leather Wallet in the bag.  It looks handy and can also be transitioned into clutch or wristlet. All my cards, cash, IDs, and checks can fit inside this wallet so it should always be with me wherever I go.

In addition, when I travel on business, especially overseas, I go with

NewYork Distressed Leather Travel Passport Wallet - Blackmy cute travel passport wallet – NewYork Distressed Leather Travel Passport Wallet.

It is made of vegetable tanned leather and designed with its contrasting dual color blend. It is also unique, functional and stylish. I like it particularly because of its functionality – It fits a standard passport and includes 4 slots for cards and additional slots for other valuables. Since I can’t afford to get my passport lost or stolen, I keep the passport wallet in the back zippered pocket.

Since we can’t talk or do fashion without an element of beauty, I also have something for myself to look good in an instant.


Here we go. One of the most interesting things inside my work bag is my makeup. I organize it inside a makeup bag and you can see some lipstick, mascara pressed powder and many other girly things. It’s a must-have for every woman because you’ll never know who’ll you’re run into so you should always have things to rely on when you are in need to look instantly glamorous.


So there you go! Those are just basically the things inside my Lea Marie Leather bag. If you need a stylish, durable and perfect bag to carry all your things for work you should check out Lea Marie Leather bag at

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