Leather is one of the most favorite fashion pieces by men and women. Do you know how to spot the difference between a fake leather and real leather? We often just think that we can compare it with its price because a real leather is quite expensive while a fake leather is cheaper. That is definitely true. There are also some fashion pieces which part are made from real leather but most of its part are fake and people still consider it as real leather as a whole so they can sell it at higher prices.

If you just like a real and pure leather, here are the things that you can do on how to spot the difference between a fake and real leather.

Check for creases and wrinkles.

Just like normal skin, real leather made from the skin of animals has wrinkles while a fake leather has no imperfections and just have smooth textures.

Drop some water on it.

A small amount of water can let you know if the leather is fake or not. A fake leather will just let the water pop up on it while a real leather absorbs moisture after a few seconds.

Check every surface for imperfections.

Imperfections on leather are the best thing to spot whether it is fake or real. Leathers are made from animals’ skin and the appearance should be unique. If you’ve seen that the item that you’re checking has nothing but pure looks on the surface, it only tells you that it is a machine-made product.

Smell it.

Unsure if it’s a fake or a real leather? Another way to spot the difference is by smelling it. You can ask the store personnel if they also sell some synthetic leather. Compare both pieces and you’ll know the difference. If it smells like chemicals, and plastic machine-made items are considered fake while if smells like an animal’s skin it is a real leather.

Check if it has rough edges and perfect edges.

Clean cut edges mean it’s made from plastic synthetic while if you spot some strands and fraying around its edges, you’ll looking at a real leather.

Bend it.

A real leather is easy to bend and always has a unique elasticity, it wrinkles and changes colors in a natural way while the fake leather is harder to bend and it just looks like the same.

Check for the price.

This may be the last option but always remember that a real leather is more expensive than leathers which are made out of synthetic. If the price is too good to be true, then you should be in doubt and try to look for a fashion piece that is made of real leather. Do not waste your money by buying synthetic products if you’re really into real leather pieces. You have to invest on something real and lasts longer than buy something which is not worth your money.

However, it is important to note that spotting a fake or real leather bag is not an exact science. The above-mentioned tests are only a guide. In the interest of fashion and to achieve a particular design, handbag designers occasionally alter or engineer the properties of leather to have a particular style, design, structure, shape, look, feel, and texture. In so doing, the leather bag may not pass one or more of the above-mentioned test.  In many cases, the true test is how durable your handbag is over an extended period of time (usually 2-3 years).

If in doubt, contact us and we may be able to provide additional guidance. Also, feel free to drop your comments and thoughts below.

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