handbag hygiene article You may not want to step out of the house without your handbag. The handbags tags, wherever you go.

However, did you know how many micro-organisms your dear handbag has been harboring? Studies show that 90% of our handbags are grossly contaminated with microbes. Leather handbags, especially, serve as a great medium for growth and spread of bacteria owing to its spongy texture. Some handbags have even been found hosting fungi and mold.

What is the risk?

A recent study looked at how much bacteria a handbag contains on an average.

An average toilet seat has a bacteria reading of 150. One in five handbags was found to show a bacteria-meter reading of 200 – more than that of a toilet seat. Some handbags even had a glaring reading of 500. A reading more than 200 means THOUSANDS of bacterias a lurking around.

A research conducted by Microbiologist Chuck Gerba in conjunction with ABC News found fecal bacteria you normally find on the floor of the restroom in some bags. This bacteria can cause skin infections and viral diseases that can cause a severe case of diarrhea.

Furthermore, Medical News Today reported a staggering 20% of handbags contain levels of bacteria more than the average toilet. This poses a threat to human health.

Handbags can get dirty before you know it – a reason you need to look at your handbag hygiene more than ever. Here are some of the other findings that you need to know.

– Handles and Bottoms of our handbags have been found to be the most contaminated.

– The bottoms of handbags tested were found to carry fecal coliforms of human and animal origins – a serious threat to our health.

– The hand cream has stood out as the dirtiest item in your handbag, dirtier than the toilet seat; followed by the lipstick and mascara.

Shocking, right?

How do these bacteria latch onto my handbag?

We take our bags everywhere. Most of the microbes cling to our handbags from shared items like public washrooms, shared freezers, and subway handles.

Our handbags get these bacteria when we put them down on the restroom floors, or when we touch the handles of shared freezers and microwaves. We act like a subway for transporting these bacteria around.

How do I protect my handbag and myself?

Germs are lurking everywhere. Isn’t that the reason why we take a bath and clean up every day -to maintain our hygiene? Same goes for your handbag as well. The good news is leather can be easily cleaned.

– Clean your leather regularly; both inside and outside, to prevent the build-up of any bacteria.

– Use antibacterial products to wipe your handbag clean and germ-free.

– Declutter your handbag every once in a while, everything inside your handbag has been carrying microbes.

– Make it a point to use a hand sanitizer or wash your hands so that you don’t unconsciously transfer any bacteria onto your handbag.

Try not to leave your handbag on washroom floors or public counters, even restaurant floors as far as possible. Another easy solution is to get a purse hook so that you can hang your handbag from the arm of a chair or the edge of a table and keep it off the floor.

Adopt a cleaning regimen and take good care of your handbags, and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Stay safe and healthy.

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