Have you ever been looking for a bag that’s big enough to hold your essentials but tiny enough to take out on the road or on a date night? Have you always been fond of vintage leather and the golden era’s design but are unable to find something as classy in the stores? Or do you just love bags and would like to get a pretty one at an awesome deal? Well, the Cassie Leather Crossbody Handbag is the right answer for you.

Designed especially for the travelling souls, the Cassie Leather Crossbody Handbag is a one-stop solution to all your trip woes. The bag can keep all of your essentials including moisturizer, sunscreen, mobile phone, etc. in a couple of pockets. The bag is also made from genuine leather with vintage design and is thus, a wardrobe must have. Still confused? Here are a few pointers that’ll make you want to buy this bag in a jiffy.

Genuine Leather

Leather handbags have always been a fashion statement and the genuine leather used in the making of Cassie Leather Cross body Handbag makes it a must buy for your closet. A valued addition to your handbag collection, the bag is soft, easy to carry, and durable. Whoever said, “everyone can look great with a leather bag”, said it quite right. The leather is highly durable which means the bag will last you for a long time before you feel like getting a new one.


Vintage Design

The bag has a V-arch shaped design with multiple zippers on it. The bag consists of a main compartment along with two zippers in the front and one at the bag. Just like the olden days, the bag comes with a solid shoulder strap that can easily be switched with a cross body strap when needed. Just like all things vintage, this one too never gets old. The bag is an arm candy with its sleek yet chic vibe, and is a must have for your travels and dinner dates.

Highly Functional

Though tiny, the Cassie Leather Cross body Handbag has multiple zippers to hold all of your essentials. The small look gives it a great appearance despite can hold almost all of your stuff. The bag also supports other holders in the main compartment like tiny pockets for keeping your cash, cards, important documents, etc. The bag thus, proves to be a highly functional buy apart from being a good looking addition to your wardrobe.


Comfort at its best

The material of the Cassie Leather Cross body Handbag makes it a very soft and lightweight purse to carry around, as leather doesn’t weight as much. The shoulder strap is ideal for the days you don’t have much stuff in your bag, however, you may want to replace it if carrying a lot of stuff. The additional cross body strap with the bag lets you carry a lot of things in it with ease, as the weight gets distributed all over your upper body. The straps, just like the bag are also made from leather, and thus, are strong and durable.


Strong nature

The optional strap that comes with the Cassie Leather Cross body Handbag has silver hardware attach to it that make the hold of the strap with the bag very strong. So, if you ever feel like you’ve over stuffed your bag and your cross body strap on it may fall off, it won’t. The silver hardware is capable of handling double the weight of what the bag can have and thus, makes your handbag hassle free to carry all day long.

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